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This project was started many years ago. As a breeder I have always known the EU had one up on us not only in physical concentration of breeders/horses/riders and mutiple generations of knowledge but also in general awareness of pedigree and sport in comparison. America has a history of buying the best the world can produce and EU is happy to do that. After 40+ years of importing I expect we could be doing better at producing American bred. It's not because our breeders don't know what they are doing, or that our riders can't make a good young horse. It is because we lack in the financial cycle. A young horse is rarely worth their cost of production until it is in the show ring. Sometimes that is eight years, nine years including gestation! It is no wonder that professional breeders are dropping like flies since 2008. As a breeder of 30 years I am more selective than ever. I want to see a winning family (stam), not just sire line. I want to be able to use news of similar relations in my own marketing without a lot of effort. This database is over 3,000,000 records and growing daily. Programming has become my full time job and financial support is needed in order to continue growth.

If you feel the same and want to help this project, please consider becoming a sponsor. There are many sponsor levels and I am happy to offer these gifts in return.

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